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Hello World


Hello World

I finally decided to start a blog. Since I was young, I have always actively avoided writing. Growing up, I had an affinity for maths and sciences and even arts but, for some reason, when it came to English, literature and foreign languages I wasn’t interested. However, through the years I have gained an immense appreciation for the importance of effective communication. For instance, well written copy on an e-commerce website or a social media campaign could make the difference in getting millions of sales or clear and easily understood documentation for a new open-source library could be the catalyst that spurs developers to adopt the technology. So in an attempt to improve my writing skills and also share some of my opinions, philosophies, ideas or any interesting things I find on the internet, I have created this website.

The main subject I’ll focus on is web development but I may also make posts on many other topics. These could include, technologies which have great potential to impact developing nations like Ghana, education tech and the need to teach coding at a younger age, generative and computational art, eSports and the competitive gaming industry and the Singularity (this topic is particularly deep).

Techy Blogging Techniques

Admittedly it has taken a bit too long to build this thing. After getting over whatever the programmers version of writers block is and also overcoming a severe case of JavaScript framework fatigue I finally settled on the stack for this site:


I am currently managing the posts with GitHub but I plan to use a headless CMS like NetlifyCMS or Contentful in the future. In my next post I will talk about why I chose to use Gatsby to build this site and mention my thoughts on some of the latest trends in the industry like the JAMStack, Headless CMSs, Serverless Architechtures and Progressive Web Apps.

Written by Nii Yeboah who currently lives in Turku, Finland working at Vaadin as a Front-End Developer. contact@niiyeboah.com